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When it`s cold outside, there is nothing better than cocooning by the fireplace and let the winter blues soak in until the good sunny days come around and boost your mood! Training and practising an exercise by cold temperatures can prove as effective as brighter days to lift the spirits! Cold trainings will prove beneficial if you are ready to change your mindset.

Some professional athletes share below some of their tips and tricks to get you motivated to go out and work out!


Wearing 10 coats because it`s below-0° outside is not the right thing to do while going out for training. Opt for easy-to-remove layers that would adapt to changes in temperature throughout your training plan.

“Use the right shoes and clothing. “In bad shoes or clothing you can be sure to get injured or develop illnesses. So make sure your gear is right for the outdoor cold conditions. A pair of good winter running shoes with spikes is a must on icy roads.” Kaisa Sali who came 1st on IRONMAN Switzerland in 2018 and ranked 7th at the IRONMAN World Championship in the same year.

A ¾ tight or long legging paired with a R2 Oxygen suit better than double layering. During training, your legs will constantly be in-the-move and hence will get warm by themselves! Cover all extremities that might be sensible to cold (hands, head and the ears definitely),

Aurelien Dunand-Pallaz, French National Trail Champion of 2018.

« Heavy sweating under a too thick jacket can turn to freeze if you stop even for a short moment,” Kaisa Sali.


Before going out for your daily workout you should adopt some eating and drinking habits that will enable you to keep the pace when temperatures are going down and down. The right food and food supplements will warm you up!

During winter, a healthy diet is the key to having the best results out of your workout! Start training with the right weight so you reach your peak form fast. Your major objectives will be met easily and quickly.

Jordi Gamito3rd Finisher on UTMB 2018.

“It is extremely important to drink regularly when you workout in the cold, even though one does not get thirsty by cold temperatures.” Aurélien Dunand-Pallaz.

When it is cold, you don’t necessarily feel the need to drink even if you sweat or run for a long time. But we all know the importance of hydration.

Denis Chevrot, 2nd on the Pays d’Aix 2018 and 3rd on Ironman Danemark 2018.


Cold temperatures can be and will be the perfect ally to burn out calories, boost your immune system and shape-out!

Enjoying the New Opportunities that Winter Brings would be Paul Giblin’s credo.

Training is hard when you are in the middle of peak weeks, close to races. And winter is a good time to include some other types of training – hiking, mountain biking, skiing, nordic skiing.  Learning new movement patterns and challenging ourselves in different ways can help to unlock some additional performance gains.

“Start Slow! It`s cold out there and your body needs to get used to the temperature and will take time to warm up and get ready to perform at its best!“ Aurélien Dunand-Pallaz

“Have fun and take the good out of the conditions” would say Kaisa Sali. “Let the conditions be your friend. Running in the deep snow helps build endurance and strength. It can be very hard so start with shorter intervals in between which you recover by walking, for example 10×1 min run / 1 min walk”

“Don’t check weather forecasts! Just go out! Once you get in the training bubble, the cold weather will be just accessory”, Diego Pazos, 5th on the UTMB TDS of 2018.


Paul Giblin made it to the Top10, thrice, on the Western States Endurance Runs and training has been the sure key to this kind of performance. Organisation is his motto!

If you prepare your kit the night before going out for training, you’ll waste less time getting ready to train and also be less likely to make excuses about not doing it. Your training kit shall be the most comfortable of all!

You shall adapt training to weather conditions and not the other way round.

We all like to stick to training plans, but sometimes conditions mean that you have to be a bit more adaptable and creative. Trying to run fast intervals on icy days isn’t always a good idea. When training outside is not possible, replicate the same intensity in the gym or any indoor facility.


Training in winter to be able to run big summer races shall be YOUR ultimate motivation! Keep it Short but Effective! Paul Giblin says no less.

What are you really looking to achieve? What are you prepared to do to get there? And what other things can you be doing now that will help you? Think about really spending some time understanding the course, how you’ll fuel for the race, kit you’ll need, etc. Have some visuals reminders of the race around the house, to keep you focused!

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